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Nominated as Best Podcast in the Football Blogging Awards 2015 and Best Interview & Review Podcast at the Wrestling Hub Awards 2018

The V2 Football podcast brings you a humorous look at all the latest news from the world of football, always Good banter and Top Interviews!

The Perfect Formula covers all the news from the F1 World and review of Every GP.

Broken But Glorious is our fortnightly Wrestling Podcast reviewing PPVs, discussing & WWE News. Also brings you exciting interviews with guys from both the British and U.S. indie scene 




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Interview with Big Joe

Joe discusses what prompted him to dawn the tights and get in the ring, what wrestler he wanted to mold his style round, memories of his first match and his thoughts on intergender Wrestling,

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Interview with Flynn Arlo

Flynn discusses their Fandom, starting Wrestling Training with the AWW Academy, the inspiration for his current gimmick, memories of his first matches, dream opponents and gives some great advise for people wanting to get into the business.

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