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The V2 Football podcast brings you a humorous look at all the latest news from the world of football, always Good banter and Top Interviews!

The Ash and Al Premier League Podcast is our  review show which is with added (Bad) Humour, entertainment & some football chat 

Broken But Glorious is our fortnightly Wrestling Podcast reviewing PPVs, discussing & WWE News. Also brings you exciting interviews with guys from both the British and U.S. indie scene 




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Interview with Trevor Lee

Trevor discusses what prompted him to go dawn the tights and get in the ring, how important the advent of social media become to guys of the indie scene and what is his favourite Movie starring a wrestler

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Interview with Shannon Moore

Shannon discusses their starting Wrestling Training with the Hardys at a very age, his memories of first match when he was 12, the PWI 500, a great idea for faction for the indie scene and promotes his upcoming ARW title defence.

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NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV Review

We review NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 which features debates on WWE keeping Tag Teams in NXT until they have a storyline ready for them on the main roster and whether Shayna Baszler being so dominate has been bad for the NXT Womens Division.

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