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A Brief History of Macho Man Randy Savage

The Macho Man was born Randy Mario Poffo in Columbus, Ohio on November 15, 1952.

Before becoming Randy Savage, he played baseball in the minor league in the St Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox farm systems. He began wrestling in the 1973 off-season, His first gimmick was as ‘The Spider’ before adopting the ‘Randy Savage’ persona at the suggestion of promoter Ole Anderson. By 1974, he had abandoned his baseball career to wrestle full-time and soon began wrestling for his father’s International Championship Wrestling (ICW) promotion.

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Following the demise of ICW, Savage moved to Jerry Lawler’s Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) promotion, quickly becoming a major star there as well. While there, Savage feuded with Lawler over the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. He also teamed with his brother Lanny to feud with legendary Rock 'n' Roll Express.

 Randy Savage was the free agent in pro wrestling when he signed went the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) In 1985. Less than a year after his debut, he had won his first and only WWF Intercontinental Title while also holding two countout victories over WWF Champion The Immortal Hulk Hogan.

Savage was defeated by Ricky Steamboat for the Intercontinental title, in what many consider the greatest match of all time, at WrestleMania III.

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Savage teamed with Hulk Hogan as ‘The Mega Powers’ between 1987 to 1989, They’re main feud was with Ted DiBiase and André the Giant who were known as ‘The Mega Bucks’, whom they defeated in the main event of the first-ever SummerSlam event. during which time he won his first WWF Title at Wrestlemania IV, beating Ted DiBiase, with Hulk Hogan's assistance. He held the title for a little over a year before losing it to Hogan at WrestleMania V.

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After winning the King of the Ring in 1989, Savage would start a two years run competing as ‘The Macho King’, Savage lost to The Ultimate Warrior in a Retirement Match at WrestleMania VII, following which he became an announcer. After his memorable in-ring wedding to Miss Elizabeth at Summerslam 1991, (Seven years after they already wed), Savage was goaded into a return by Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts who he defeated in a feud lasting through to February 1992.

 At WrestleMania XIII, he won his second and final WWF Title by defeating Ric Flair

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Leading into the big showdown at Mania VIII Flair had been saying that Miss Elizabeth had been involved with him before she got with Savage. As many people know, Savage was really protective of Elizabeth in real life. So, the idea that he went off the wall with these accusations isn’t far fetched and played well into reality. Flair and Mr. Perfect also claimed that they had some inappropriate photos of Elizabeth that they would reveal at the event after a victory.

Their match at WrestleMania was simply epic. A masterclass of storytelling in the ring. Savage also had to fight off Perfect on the outside which gave the match an extra dimension and Elizabeth coming down to ringside to support her husband added to the emotion. The crowds reaction to Savage got after rolling Flair up to win the championship was imense. After the match, a bloody Flair decided to kiss Elizabeth and add more fuel to the fire for this feud.

At SummerSlam 1992 it was announced that Savage would defend the championship against the Ultimate Warrior in a rematch from WrestleMania VII. Leading into the event, Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect claimed that one of the two men had paid for their services to help them win. This lead to Savage and Warrior not trusting each other, but it was soon revealed it was a lie. At the event, Flair and Perfect attacked both men and Savage retained the championship.

Following losing the title back to Flair in the September, Savage began to wrestle less often, becoming a commentator when Monday Night Raw began in January 1993. He left the promotion for World Champion Wrestling (WCW) in 1994. On debut in WCW, Savage resumed his feud with Flair, trading the WCW World Title with him through to 1996.

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In 1997, Savage would feud against the group known as New World Order (now), he would later joined the group win his third WCW Title before joining Kevin Nash’s nWo Wolfpac. In 1998, Savage took time off, on his return he won his fourth and final WCW Title before leaving the promotion in 2000.

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Savage took a break from wrestling, appearing in the Movie ‘Spider-Man’ with Toby Maguire and Released his first rap album in 2003, with a song titled "Be A Man Hulk!", a challenge to Hulk Hogan. Before an ill-fated spell with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2004, debuting at their Victory Road PPV. Savage retired from wrestling in 2005 after several appearances for Harley Race’s World League Wrestling (WLW).

On the 20th May 2011, Savage died at the age of 58 after suffering a heart attack at the wheel of his Jeep. It was later discovered that he had advanced coronary artery disease.

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