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Broken But Glorious - Money In The Bank Review

Welcome to the pilot episode of Wrestling Show hosted by Nick Davies and Chris Lappin.

In this series we plan to review all WWE PPVs with a view to make a weekly show if you enjoy this show.

For our first episode, we reviewed Money In The Bank.

In Part 1, We discussed all the Tag Team Action - The Hype Bros. vs. The Colons, The New Day vs. The Usos & Breezango vs. The Ascension and we moved on the review the current state of the Smackdown Tag Team Division and come up with ideas how to The Ascension relevant again?

In Part 2, We talk the Womans Division - was the ending of the MITB make for a excellent story going forward or should the 1st Women's MITB has won in way to make the division look strong. We then discuss Lana's impressive debut in her title match against Naomi and the return of Maria Kanellis with her husband Mike Bennett.

We finish by discussing the Smackdown main event scene with the Male MITB which pretty much saved the PPV and WWE Title Match between Randy Orton and Champion Jinder Mahal. Main points were how can WWE make Mahal a creditable champion, when will Corbin cash in and what will John Cena do on his return.

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