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Broken But Glorious - Summerslam & NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 Review

Welcome to the fourth episode of our Wrestling Show hosted by Nick Davies and Chris Lappin.

In this series we plan to review all WWE PPVs with a view to make a weekly show if you enjoy this show.

In Part 1, We review NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3. We discuss the ex ROH invades NXT storyline and ask whats next for Asuka, Roode and the Authors of pain.

In Part 2, We review Summerslam. We ask what be more important to WWE, keeping Cena & Orton strong or building up new young heels? We also discuss Beach Ball Gate, the reunion of Rollins & Ambrose and whether Demon Balor and Finn Balor should have different move-sets.

We finish the show, we gives our predictions for the No Mercy card.

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