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Don Callis on Heel Authority Figures

Question asked by Chris Lappin

I recently the pressure to talk to Impact Wrestling Co-Executive Vice President Don Callis on the Impact Wrestling Teleconference.

Callis portrayed one of the greatest heel authority figures in recent history when he was Cyrus the Virus in Extreme Championship Wrestling between 1999 – 2001.


I really enjoyed from the Cyrus the Virus character back in the day – so I asked Callis if he would ever consider portraying a heel authority figure in Impact Wrestling? 

Callis had a interesting reply -

“I have kinda taken some heat a couple of news source this last week, People throwing out the quote I stated when I started here.

I was probably the second person in Wrestling to do that sort of gimmick, Vince (McMahon) being the first and the best.

I told the story that when I went to TNA in 2003 and they asked me to be the authority figure there as the director of authority. My initial comment was authority figure are overdone and we shouldn’t do it. But they asked me to do it and I did it.

I made the comment that now 15 years, 16 years later people are still doing authority figures. So no I won’t do it


Some people have mistakenly my segment this passed week and what happened between me and Sami (Callihan) to mean that Don Callis is going to be the on air authority figure and I can tell you that there are no plans for that, that is not happening other than doing my commentary work with Josh Matthews I am not gonna be appearing on the broadcast and you know, certainly there are always people who especially if they have seen what has been done before in ECW or whatever who go yeah but why wouldn’t you do it that would be great etc

I just (A) I don’t have the time to commit to doing it properly and (B) I genuinely don’t believe that the authority figure thing is the way to go

Could there be different twists that that don’t involve myself or Scott (D'Amore) being on camera hey I will leave the door open and we will see where creatively we go but for those who look at what happen last week as me throwing in the towel in Sami (Callihan) match at Wrestlecon as a harbinger of me becoming an on screen character and I will be out  there cutting promos and firing people or what ever. That is not happening and for those who wrote about that you’ve got that part of it wrong and leave the on screen money drawing to the performers.

You can hear the whole Teleconference on the Impact Wrestling Youtube Channel

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