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From Peterborough reject to professional in Brazil - Seth Burkett Q&A #2

I was joined by Seth Burkett for Episode two of the V2 Big Interview. We discussed at the Transfer Deadline being moved forward, whether English players should be looking at moves abroad, and look back at England at the world cup.

The English Transfer Deadline Day has been moved forward, and closed prior to the start of the season. Do you agree with this move by the Premier League?

'I think it is a good thing. It encourages managers to work with what they have and prevents panic buys following the first few games, where struggling teams might go out and buy a striker for instance. Another aspect is that limiting the movement may also benefit youth development so it's definitely a positive move. Having unsettled players in the squads makes things very difficult for managers.

Do you think the deadline day should be the same in other European countries? At present, clubs from countries including Spain and Germany can buy players. And also, do you think English players should be looking for opportunities abroad?

'Absolutely, it should be introduced across Europe. The development opportunities abroad, both as a person and as a player are huge - it really benefits players a lot. Even on loan I think it's incredibly valuable.

'Jack Wilshere for example could have gone abroad and then I don't think he'd be playing for West Ham right now, I think he would be playing at a top team.'

'Playing in leagues such as La Liga or the Bundesliga would also definitely help the national team - as it would introduce players to different styles and different cultures.'

And sticking with England, we had a terrific World Cup, reaching the semi-final. Did you watch it, and did you like what you saw?

I absolutely loved it. It's the first major tournament that hasn't be a strugglesince the first one I watched in 1998. I got swept up in all the excitement, but looking back on it that I'm a bit disappointed. I don't think we could have beaten France, but I believe that Croatia side was certainly there for the taking.'

Does this tournament give hope to the next generation, and to young players in academies?

'When you look at the way that the young players have come into the team and performed very well, it must be very inspirational. We just needed a few experienced heads in this side. The young players just let the pressure of being only 45 mintues away from a World Cup final get to them. But looking forward, I think we could do very well in tournaments to come.'

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