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Interview with Brian Aidenson

Chris Lappin is joined by Brian Aidenson.

Brian joined us to promote RWA has its biggest show of the year at the Grange Way Community Centre on 2nd February in Runcorn where Brian competes in a match he described on social media as the biggest match of my life against Lance Revera for the Next Level championship

Brian then discusses what prompted him to dawn the tights and get in the ring, what wrestler he wanted you mold his style round, memories of his first match and the evolution of his character.

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Brian also discusses his works as a brand rep for Haemophilia Heroes which is a Haemophilia Merchandise Brand where all profits donated to Haemophilia Society – You can find more information Haemophilia Heroes on www.haemophiliaheroes.co.uk and follow them on twitter - twitter.com/HaemoHeroes

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Support Brian and Haemophilia Heroes by buying Briian's t-shirt - https://www.haemophiliaheroes.co.uk/product-page/brian-aidenson-signature

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