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Interview with Crash & Glitch, The Arcade

Chris Lappin are joined by Crash and Glitch, The Arcade.

The lads joined us to promote the upcoming RWA shows held on 2nd and 9th June.

The show on the 2nd features a 30 man King of RWA Rumble match main event!!

More Info visit - www.facebook.com/events/219511048822335/

‪RWA Dogs Of War on Sat 9th June at the Grangeway Community Centre in Runcorn we will host a double main event! ‬‬

AJ Johnson vs Azazel (C) in a Lumberjack match for the Heavyweight Championship!

1st ever Women’s main event 30 minute Iron Woman match Career vs Career title on line!‬ Naeva (C) vs Alexxis Falcon!

More Info Visit - www.facebook.com/events/1898498726829224/

The lads also discuss their Fandom, starting Wrestling Training with RWA, the history the tag team and answer questions from the RWA Fan Facebook Group.

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Crash - twitter.com/CrashWrestler
Glitch – twitter.com/SamtheGlitch

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Crash - www.facebook.com/CrashRWA/
Glitch – www.facebook.com/Glitchwrestling/

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Twitter – twitter.com/RwaWrestlingUk
Facebook - www.facebook.com/RwaWrestlingRuncorn/

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