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Interview with Impact Wrestling Star Rohit Raju (AKA Hakim Zane)

Chris Lappin is joined again by Impact wrestling star and member of the desi hit squad Rohit Raju.

Rohit discusses what prompted him to dawn the tights and get in the ring, what wrestler he wanted you mold his style round, memories of his first match and the evolution of his character from The Mad Dragon to Hakim Zane to a member of the desi hit squad.

Rohit also discusses what brought him to Impact Wrestling , the formation of the desi hit squad, working with Gama Singh and his love of British Wrestling.

You can also follow Rohit

Twitter – twitter.com/HakimZane

Instagram - www.instagram.com/rajuzane80/

Facebook - www.facebook.com/RajuZane80

Youtube - www.youtube.com/channel/UCcaWisfBEElP2UaJP3PKQQA

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