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Interview with The Best Tag Team in the UK and The Self Proclaimed Wrestling For… Tag Team Champions The #Unkillable Ryan Parrott and Harry Cruise, PUN Intended

Chris Lappin is delighted welcome back to the show The Best Tag Team in the UK and The Self Proclaimed Wrestling For… Tag Team Champions The #Unkillable Ryan Parrott and Harry Cruise, PUN Intended.

Ryan and Harry discuss their victory after Alter Ego, The Ball Boys and The Hunter Brothers at the Wrestling for Calm in October 2018 – in a days following the event Ryan received a mysterious package containing the Tag Team Titles who seems to be from Wrestling For… with a letter proclaiming PUN Intended as their first Tag Team Champions.

*** Wrestling For… been in touch and have denied knowledge of this ***

The lads then discuss Ryan’s current feud with the hard hitting 15 year old Chantel Jordan and their plans for titles including the upcoming adult only open challenge (so Chantel can’t answer) at the the Wrestling for CLIC Sargent on 7th June 2019 at 7th June at Benjamins in Halesowen which is raising money for Paediatric Cancer.

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