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Newport County Community Striker Luke Degilbert Team-mates

Luke Degilbert returns for another Q&A but this time he lifts the lid on the Newport County Community side dressing room.

This is Luke Degilbert’s teammates -

Best Trainer

I have to go for Luke Martin helps people out, likes to pick team and likes to win games so I think he’s the best trainer.

Worst Trainer

It’s between Tom tremanye and Colin Faulkner lol

But defo Tom Tremanye lol in training he always tries to many skills but fails them half the time so I go for Tom defo haha

Most Skilful

I think Wayne Bartlett is quite skilful and always likes to take people on to and try other skills also I think one my other team mates like Alfie, Connor and Rhys are quite skilful.

I’m quite skilful and like to take people on also.

The Joker

Good question I have to say either myself, Norman Parselle or Martin Perry because we like to have a joke with people, make people laugh and tell jokes. Also I think Ethan Brussalis is quite a good joker to and makes people laugh.

The Fastest

I’ll go for Wayne Bartlett as he’s good with ball to and is good at chasing people down

I also think myself I’m quite fast to when upfront and I work hard in defence and try tackle at right time to.

The Hardhorse

In the team, I say Norman is quite good and hardworking because to gets this team together is quite impressive to be honest. 

I also think that the whole team works hard so I think that’s a hard one to say to be honest and to be honest the girls, Isabelle, Becky and Emily, are really good in our team.

Best Football Brain

I think Colin Faulkner has a good football brain and works hard.

Best Dress Sense

Umm has to be either Colin Faulkner or Norman Dave dresses quite good to so I go between them.

Worst Dress Sense

Defo Tom Tremanye at Newport County games, he wears a suit which looks like he’s going to get married haha so I go for Tom.

Best Taste in Music

I’ll go for Wayne Bartlett or Dan Ball both have good music and play good songs so I go for either them two

Worst Taste in Music

I have to go for Colin Faulkner half the music he plays are like old pop music and stuff like that haha.

Quick Fire Questions

Most likely to become Prime Minister

Norman Parselle defo

Most Likely to Be Famous on YouTube

Tom tremanye thinks he’s a YouTuber so I go for him

Most likely to win an Oscar

Defo Rob Taylor

Most likely to appear on Jeremy Kyle

Dave Lewis haha

Most likely to win X Factor

Luke Martin defo haha

Most likely to break a world record

Probably myself

Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket

Liam Jenkins defo

Most likely to still ID’d when they’re 30

Defo Colin Faulkner he still thinks he’s 30 now lol

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