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Our Top 5 Interviews with Impact Wrestling Superstars of 2018

Here are our Top 5 most listened interviews with Superstars from Impact Wrestling

1. Moose is joining us ahead of biggest match of his career this Sunday when he challenges for the Impact Championship against Austin Aires at Slammiversary.

2. Kongo Kong discusses how he got into Wrestling, his biggest feuds & favourite matches against the likes of Hillbilly Jed, Shane Mercer and has run with Laurel Van Ness.

3. Joe discusses training for the commonwealth games where he competed for Scotland, where the idea for his enterances & some of his favourites one, signing for Impact & his hopes for his time in the company and how he feels the reboot of World of Sport (Not Question of Sport) has gone.

Brian joins us to promote his upcoming show, Impact Wrestling Home Coming , which he headlines in the Impact Championship Match against Johnny Impact.

Brian discusses his biggest feuds & favourite matches, the succuss of Slammiversary, winning the X Division Title and the thoughts on Option C as a concept.

Eddie discusses his favourite feuds, how he like to be remembered in the business and what had friends and family think about him wrestling.

Eddie also talks about moving from a technical style to a hardcore style and answered the big question of What Superhero he would like?

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