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Q&A with Former Wigan Athletic and Tottenham Hotspurs defender Pascal Chimbonda

V2 Football had the pleasure to talk to Former Wigan Athletic and Tottenham Hotspurs defender Pascal Chimbonda.

I wanted to start from your first spell at Spurs, you moved there from Wigan. How was your time at Tottenham?

My time at Tottenham was good, we won the FA Cup in 2008. I had a great time there with some great players and some great people. I was really happy for play for a club like Spurs.

Martin Jol once singled you out as the best example of a player’s spirit and character. What was your relationship like with Martin Jol?

My relationship with Martin Jol was really good because he knew what I was like on the pitch and I was trying to show every Saturday that I was a good player and that I can play at a high level.

You moved from Spurs to Sunderland for a short period, what was the reason behind it?

I wanted a move then, Sunderland wanted me and the manager didn’t. My 6 months at Sunderland wasn’t good but it was a good experience for me. So I returned to Tottenham and played in the UEFA Cup.

You were part on the French squad that made the final of the 2006

It was a great experience to be a footballer. Your dream is to play in great competitions like the World Cup so to be squad was a great achievement for me and an honour to be picked.

It was Zinedine Zidane last World Cup and we wanted to do well for him. Despite us not winning the final, I think the team all played well.

France didn’t have a great start to the tournament so was it a surprise to make the final?

It was not a surprise, France have always been a great team. I’m happy we recovered from the poor start and when on to have a great tournament.

During your time at Bastia, you said you received some racial abuse and that’s why you left the club. Have you ever experienced anything like that in the Premier League?

No, I didn’t and it was the first I hadn’t which was a surprise.

When you moved from Bastia to Wigan, you reportedly turned down an offer from Marseille. What was the reason you turned down the offer?

I’ve always wanted to play in the Premier League, it was my dream. And I think a made a good choice.

What is the plan for your retirement, are you wanting to get into coaching?

I think I would to like to coach kids aboard rather than in England. My dream is go live in America and I think my skills would be helpful over there.

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