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Q&A with Newport County Community Striker Luke Degilbert #5

Luke Degilbert returns for another Q&A to update us on his season with the Newport County Community side.

Typically, living with autism can render it more difficult to communicate, form relationships and make sense of surroundings. However, Luke is an ambitious character and refuses to let his autism get in the way of his football dream of representing Wales.

How have you been since we last spoke? You well?
Hi mate, Yeah i been really good thanks mate apart from a ear infection and a cough. I have been fine but tired since i been doing a lot. I have been training well, doing well in my football and have started playing seven-a-side on Mondays which i enjoy doing and i'm top scorer in that to which is really good. I am also enjoying being at college.

Happy belated birthday, did you do anything nice for your 22nd?
Yeah, i had a good birthday thanks mate. I went to a few Nightclubs in Manchester and went to watch Man city vs Swansea which was a good game, it was a good day out and it was a really good birthday to.

How is training going?
Training is going really well, I'm doing really well in gym keeping fit and doing really well with Newport County Community and at seven a side. I have helped both teams in both defence when i needed be and upfront. It's nice that my football is getting noticed, i think i have seen improvement in my football and training to be honest. I am really enjoying seven a side on monday, I scored a lot of goals this season and have worked hard for my teams to and coaches.

How is the season going for the Newport DFC Dragons?
I left Newport Dragons Disability due to reasons. As i mentioned I've started playing in a seven-a-side league as well as playing for County Community so I think that is the reason I left Newport Dragons Disability as I felt unsettled at the club.

How is the season going for the Newport County Commuinty?
It is really good, i have helped team by creating chances for team getting goals for team. I enjoy playing with good players and under good coaches. I am proud with how well im doing with county community and working hard for my coaches.

Your latest game was against Swindon, what happened in the game?
It was really good, we warmed up before match my team mate Wayne was captain and the score was 2-2. I got a assist and played upfront. Everyone including myself played with pride and passion. I was proud with how i played off the ball and my performance. Sadly, there was a injury to one my team mates called Emily but i hope she gets better soon.

Last talk we spoke you mentioned a scout from Stoke City had come to see you, did you hear more on this?
Haven't heard anything yet when he's gonna come watch me. I'm hoping a scout will come see me soon but I got to keep up the good work and keep doing well for County Community.

Have any other scouts come to see you?
No not yet mate but if I keep working hard and enjoying my football hopefully there be one soon.

How is your radio show going?
The radio shows are going well. I'm happy with how the show is going and I'm looking forward to my next show and others.

Have your conducted anymore big interviews for your radio show?
Not yet mate but I'm hoping i will do some at the end of the season as County first team is focusing on trying stay up.

You now have a Fan Page on Facebook, you must feel honoured?
Really proud mate as a Newport County fan. A mate of mine John McEwan made the fanpage of me, I'd like to thank all my friends who have liked the paged and to the footballers who have liked it Such as Sean Rigg, Darren Jones, Tom Owen-Evans, Aaron williams and other county players plus former County players like Scott Barrow and Kyle Cameron. it's nice that Jack Grealish's Dad, Kevin Grealish, has liked it and also journalists like you.

You liked Luke Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/Luke-Degilbert-Newport-County-community-1864294110516307/

Is there any more charity matches or tournaments planned in the near future?
Well, As I mentioned we have a game against Swindon in couple weeks after easter then there is a tournament against Welsh Clubs in June and i can't wait for both events but other than those to at the moment there no others also in may im hoping do coaching with County community to which be really good to mate.

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