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Q&A with Newport County Community Striker Luke Degilbert #8

Luke Degilbert returns for another Q&A to update us on his season with the Newport County Community side.

Typically, living with autism can render it more difficult to communicate, form relationships and make sense of surroundings. However, Luke is an ambitious character and refuses to let his autism get in the way of his football dream of representing Wales.

How have you been since we last spoke? You well?

Yeah, I’m good thank you mate just recovering from a busy weekend doing the walk for dementia and the tournament on the Sunday.


How is the season going for the Newport County Community?

It’s going really good thanks mate.

I’m enjoying my second season with Newport County Community. I’ve been playing different positions in training to like defence but I’m more going forward now.

I’m trying to help team get goals which proved on the weekend in tournament as I scored the winning goal in last tournament of the match. The team are doing really well as well and everyone is playing with smile on their faces which is really nice.


Tell us more about the Sunday’s tournament? Which teams were involved?

Basically, it was a 5-a-side tournament and we wear the same shirt were part of it. Format was a 4 team round robin, My side lost 4 and won two but it was an amazing feeling to score the winning goal in last game of the tournament.

This is my favourite moment as a footballer and a moment I won’t forget as it was great moment for my family and friends. I’m hoping for more moments like that.

I’m looking forward to the Swindon game on 25th November now which be an amazing experience playing at Swindon’s Stadium then the return at Rodney Parade.


What position did you play?

Well I was playing in defence for a bit but now I’ve decided to play left wing or striker because I like to go forward and help the team get goals.

I enjoy going I defence when I need to be in defence.


How was your performance? Did you scored any goals?

My performance first game I came on but I was defence and I did really well.

Second game I did ok but it was last game of the tournament was my best performance as I said I scored the winner.

I ran with ball then slotted it past the goalkeeper to make it 1-0 just before final whistle. I only got 1 goal but I thought everyone played really well.

I think I’ve done my family and friends proud to be honest and everyone in the team did themselves proud to.


Is there any charity matches or tournaments planned in the near future?

The only game I know is planned so far is Swindon away on Swindon’s pitch on 25th November.


Last time we spoke, you started volunteering for the Alzheimer Society – How is your charity work going?

Yeah, its going really well thank you.

I did the walk on Saturday for Alzheimer society and got a medal.

The 5k walk was in Cardiff and it wasn’t that far either. Loads of people completed it and I did the walk with Colin Faulkner and Luke Martin.

I raised £266.01 on my Justgiving page and I also got a lot on my sponsors form. It was nice people sponsored and donated to me to be honest and I appreciate that from them as well.


How is your radio show going?

I’ve stopped doing radio now because it all got bit too much with my football season and other things I got on so I stopped doing that now unfortunate.


And finally, have any scouts come to see you?

Not yet but I’m hoping one comes to watch at the Swindon game fingers cross they do lol.

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