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Q&A with Newport Dragons DFC Striker Luke Degilbert #3

Luke Degilbert returns for another Q&A to update us on his season with the Newport County Community side and Newport Dragons Disability.

Typically, living with autism can render it more difficult to communicate, form relationships and make sense of surroundings. However, Luke is an ambitious character and refuses to let his autism get in the way of his football dream of representing Wales.

How have you been since we last spoke? You well?

Good thanks mate, hope you’re good to? Well I have been quite busy playing football with Newport County Community as well as Newport Dragons Disability.

I’m interviewed Dan Butler and Jazzi Barnum Bobb, who play for Newport County, for my radio show next week. I did the race for life with college which was good but haven’t got enough sponsors.


I don’t think it matters to be honest as long as I enjoyed it and did well but everything is good thanks mate.

How is training going?

Training is going really well cheers mate still training well with Newport county community as I have games against Merthyr, Wrexham etc after Christmas. I have been doing well helping team scoring goals, assisting and training hard. The team is working hard to ready for the games after Christmas.

For Newport dragons disability, we been training well for the tournament yesterday and I am enjoying it to the drills are really good and it’s good to be training with both teams.

How are you enjoying the season so far?

I am really enjoying it and it has been a good season with Newport county community so far.

I am doing well scoring and doing well for the team. The team is doing well to and we enjoyed the charity game in September and there is another one end season which be really good.

I am enjoying playing under Norman Parselle to who used play for Newport County and it’s nice that Dan Butler is ambassador for the project.

I’m enjoying the season with Newport Dragons Disability to, the team is doing well in training and we all are enjoying ourselves. I think the coaches and players have been good to for both my teams.

Tell us more about the yesterday’s tournament? Which teams were involved?

The tournament was held at Pontypridd which is by Cardiff. The teams involved were my team Newport Dragons disability Cardiff City, Race Rovers, Coed Eva, Barry Town, US Tigers and few other teams.

It was a good tournament despite my team losing all our games however the effort the team put in was good and we all enjoyed it.  I was captain which was an honour, I did well with passing and tackling and hit crossbar.

But we did well and I played against people who I know from other clubs and who I am good friends with to which was nice.

I think it was Cardiff who won the tournament.

You completed in the race for life for cancer? What was your time and how much did you/team make for the charity?

The race for life went really well.  I was exhausted after it ha-ha but I got a medal though and everyone else did to which was good. I came 9th and it was a really good race and I am really happy to my part for cancer as well.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember my time and I find out soon how much I raised as I’m still collecting my sponsors.

Last talk we spoke you had started doing some radio work, how is it going?

It is going really well thanks. As I said earlier, I interviewed two Newport county footballers for my next show and I think it went really well.  I had great chat with them to as I know both and had good banter to.

I want to thank my coach Norman Parselle for getting it sorted to and in few weeks or so I might interview another player which will be good.

I am enjoying my radio shows and its going really well.

Is there any more charity matches planned in the near future?

Well there’s one at end season with Newport county community. Its due to be played after Newport county’s last home game of season. I am really looking forward to this game and captaining the side.

It will be a great day and a good game. I think myself and everyone will enjoy it.

My main focus is to keep working hard and do well in games after Christmas against Merthyr and Wrexham.

And finally, Have any scouts come to see you?

Unfortunately No however the Newport County director of football is always interested in how well I’m doing in my football and has mentioned me in meetings.

I’m just happy to be getting games with Newport county community though training under an ex Newport county footballer and with good footballers.

I don’t think any scouts have come to watch me yet but I’m hoping they will soon with the form I’m in and the fact I give 100 per cent every game. I think the Newport county boys always want me to keep them updated with my progress. it’s  so nice they do because they are feel like I’m mates with some them.

The fans like me keeping them updated to and I know other journalists want to interview me to which is good and I think it’s nice they do.  I just got to keep up the good work now and carry on helping the team and enjoying myself .

Thanks for giving me interview today also mate. Because it’s nice as well journalists like you give me interviews to and I had a journalist from Cardiff interviewing me in Newport to which was really good to taking videos (see below) of me.

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