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Skybet Soccer Saturday Price Boost

The Skybet Soccer Saturday Price Boost happens every week - and it gets shared all over Twitter and now on the TV Adverts. It can’t be missed.

At a glance it looks very good.

However, is it just used a loss leader. So, are Skybet happy to take a loss on this in order to get the punters to go elsewhere and place other bets. Which would be fair enough. Or is it something else entirely? Are they picking teams which appear to be appealing to the average person, but statistically unlikely to win.

I personally think that it is somewhere between the two, there are some genuinely good prices to be had. But I am also wary of being told what to do by those who want my money.

Over the course of the season, I will attempt to find out the truth. I will log all of the Saturday offers together, along with the maximum to see where that would lead you. Is it something they are happy to take the loss on or do they make a decent profit out of the punters?

Note - I know that Skybet do a lot of other offers and specials, but to keep it fair, I will only consider the Soccer Saturday price boost

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