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The Hipster Guide to Europe #5 - Video Replays and best young players in the world?

Anthony Kendrick is joined by Richard 'Hero' Hudson and Shane Lees to discuss the International break. We discuss the Home Nations, Video Replays, Messi's ban and who the top young players in Europe are.

In this show we discuss the home nations, with England beating Lithuania as expected, along with impressive results for Scotland and Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland and Wales drawing 0-0 in their game. Which of the Home Nations will qualify?

We move on to discuss the big stories from Europe - including Spain beating France 2-0 in a game which included video replays. Is this something we would like to see more commonplace in the game? We also react to the sacking of Danny Blind as Holland boss, and ask where they go from here.

The South American qualifying is also mentioned, with a shoutout to Brazil as the first nation to qualify, and Lionel Messi getting a four match ban for insulting an official. Is this extreme, as Barcelona say, or is it a fair punishment?

We finish the show by discussing the Daily Mail's Top 50 Young Players list. Is Dele Alli the best young player, or is it English bias?

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