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Tottenham Forever Bridesmaids

By Ashley Calver - https://twitter.com/AshleyCalver1

This may not go down well with Tottenham fans but the trophyless years will continue for a long time to come and at best the League Cup or the diminished and devalued FA Cup is all to hope for over the next 5-10 years.

How can i say that when Spurs are in the throes of their most consistent performances in the Premier League era? When they are on the cusp of moving into a state of the art new White Hart Lane that will rival some the best stadia in Europe if not the World.

Do not get me completely wrong, they could easily be a Top 4 side for the next couple of years but is that success? There is no doubt for the media and chairman qualification for the Champions League is the Holy Grail, the Mecca, the Kubla Khan to be able the enhance the clubs profile and of course to the all-important bank balance.  As football fans though, as a Tottenham supporter, is it acceptable to just get a top four spot? Maybe currently it is because for Spurs compared to other top clubs they are very much in their infancy as competitors in Europe’s' elite competition. A year or two in the future when playing Champions League football is the norm then surely Top 4 just is not enough to warrant calling the season a success.

Trophies and medals are what count and i cannot see where any are going to come from.

The first reason i believe is Spurs competitors in all competitions, Manchester City with their resources and Pep factor make it extremely difficult for anyone to beat them and invariably over the next 5 years whoever manages to finish above the Citizens would win the league. Liverpool is an exciting, fresh side who are willing to spend on their problem areas as we have witnessed with the additions of Alisson and Van Dyke. Then there is Arsenal, Chelsea and the waking giant Manchester United, the fact is those three have declined and underperformed over the same period Tottenham have been consistent and possibly even over performing on occasions. However those three clubs will improve as they have the resources again the vastly enhance their chances of competing further up the table than we have seen in previous seasons.

The final reasons is Spurs apparent lack of resources which is a ridiculous thing to say when the net transfer spend over the last 5 years is just -£30m. For a Top 4/6 side in the EPL that is without doubt an amazing compliment to the business plan and intelligence of Daniel Levy. Yes i know the new stadium is not cheap but make no mistake Tottenham have money to spend. The problem is, and it is a huge problem is who can they sign and also is it really an attractive club to sign for currently? If we look at most of the first XI with player such as Lloris, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Eriksen, Alli, Son, and Kane, anyone they try to sign has to be better than what is currently there which means very few players and those that are would cost astronomical fees. That leaves improving the squad as a whole and in reality who would be happy to sign and sit of the bench? There are not many Winston Bogarde's left you know.

Any club who really want to challenge needs at least two top class strikers, and i can’t see any of the elite forwards signing for Spurs knowing they will play second fiddle to Harry Kane.

Which leaves two options, using young players from within or signing cheap younger pros with potential, both options Tottenham have had success with recently but the truth is not everyone will develop how Dele Alli has and you can’t produce a Harry Kane every year. All that sums up why unfortunately Spurs could easily slip away worse than Steven Gerrard in a year or two which in turn could mean losing the top players and of course manager currently on their books, but at least there will be a lovely stadium to sit in and watch your side challenge for a Europa League spot.

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