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V2 Football Podcast - Is Big Sam the right man?

In this episode of the V2 Football Podcast, Anthony Kendrick is joined by Richard 'Hero' Hudson and Shane Lees.

We discuss England's appointment of Sam Allardyce. Is there a better English manager that should have been brought in? Or could a foreigner do a better job? We discuss where Roy Hodgson failed at the Euros. Were England the biggest underachievers at the Euros?

We then look at the other home nations, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland both impressively got out of their groups into the Knockout Stages. Wales who reached the semi-final. Did our followers pick Wales as the biggest overachievers at the Euros?

We then look at Euro 2016 winners Portugal. Is Ronaldo now considered one of the greats, and how does this effect his personal rivalry with Lionel Messi? Is there any argument with Antoine Griezmann winning player of the tournament.

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