V2 Football Podcast at The Football Blogging Awards 2015

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Meet The V2 Football Team

Ash Calver

Joined V2 Football - 2015

Appears on - Ash&Al Premier League Podcast, V2 Big Interview (in 2015)

Twitter - @ashleycalver1 

Supports – Ipswich Town FC 

Favourite Player – Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima AKA Fat Ronaldo AKA Real Ronaldo 

Rival Club – Norwich Shitty FC 

Favourite Moment in Football – Touching Eric Cantona 

Away from Football 

Favourite Band – Oasis 

Favourite Song – No Easy Way Out (Robert Tepper) 

Favourite Film – Rookie of the Year 

Favourite Cartoon Growing Up - The Hurricanes 

Favourite Youtuber – Ummm..

Nick Davie

Joined the Show - Start of the 2014-2015 Season

Appears on - The V2 Football Podcast & The 72 Show

Twitter - @Nick_Davie

Supports – Brighton and Hove Albion

Favourite Player – Lewis Dunk

Rival Club – Crystal Palace 

Favourite Moment in Football – Captaining the Fatboys

Away from Football 

Favourite Band – I dream of a Five & A1 supergoup

Favourite Song – "99 red balloons" by Nena

Favourite Film – Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

Favourite Cartoon Growing Up - The Meg based episodes of Family Guy

Favourite Youtuber – That DAMN DANIEL video is some unny sh*t

Richard 'Hero' Hudson

Joined the Show - From the inception, I'm the glue that sticks this mofo together. 

Appears on - The v2 Football podcast, used to do the Wrestling one too and have guest appearance on the 72 show 

Twitter - @hero606v2

Blog – I ain't got time for dat! 

Supports – Man Utd, Dad was a Spurs fan so took me along to Old Trafford when Tottenham were playing in hope I'd also support them, Utd won and my glory supporting days began. Nowadays tend to go and watch Macc Town.

Favourite Player – Martial, Griezmann, Renato Sanches, Kimmich, Weigl, basically the hipsters choice. 

Rival Club – Liverpool traditionally though I do love Klopp, have a disliking towards City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Newcastle and West Ham too 

Favourite Moments in Football – Giggs's goal v Arsenal semi final FA Cup David Platt's goal in Italia 90 

Away from Football 

Favourite Band – Currently Wolf Alice, GOAT: Nirvana 

Favourite Song – Massive Attack - Teardrop 

Favourite Film – Trainspotting 

Favourite Cartoon Growing Up - Mysterious Cities of Gold 

Favourite Youtuber – Not got one, got a few Pornhub faves though.

Anthony Kendrick

Joined the Show - Need to check that one...

Appears on - Former host of the Football Fancast, currently hosting The 72 Show and occasionally host of the regular podcast. Also conducts the odd interview.

Twitter - @Antonthology

Blog – Coming soon...

Supports – Manchester United, but with a big soft spot for hometown club Derby County.

Favourite Player – Tom Cleverley

Rival Club – Man City, living in Manchester with the local rivalry.

Favourite Moment in Football – Seeing John Terry slip to miss the penalty enabling Man Utd to win the Champions League in 2008.

Away from Football

Favourite Artist - Not really into music that much, quite like Chvrches though.

Favourite Song – Sorry by Justin Bieber. Yeah, I said it.

Favourite Film – A bit more up my street, I do some film reviews under a different persona. The Revenant is probably my favourite that I've seen recently, or there's Filth starring James McAvoy as a bit more of an unknown film.

Favourite Cartoon Growing Up - Recess. No question.

Favourite Youtuber – Epic Rap Battles of History are very clever with what they do. There's a comedy duo called the Fratocrats who I'm big fans of and I'd love to see them be more successful.

Chris Lappin

Joined the Show - From Day Dot

Appears on - The V2 Football, V2 Big Interviews & The V2 Academy

Twitter - @vandertodge

Supports – Manchester United

Favourite Player – Teddy Sheringham

Rival Club – Arsenal, As a Utd fan you may think Liverpool but when have they rivaled Utd in the last 20 years 

Favourite Moment in Football – England beating Holland 4-1 at Euro 1996

Away from Football 

Favourite Band – Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eyed Blind & Metallica

Favourite Song – Another Heart Calls by All American Rejects

Favourite Film – All the Starwars Movies, well Episode 4-7 really

Favourite Cartoon Growing Up - He Man & Thundercats

Favourite Youtuber – I Hate Everything & JAR Media

Shane Lees

Joined the Show - 2014

Appears on - V2 Football Podcast & The 72 SHow

Twitter - 

Blog – https://shanelees94.wordpress.com/

Supports – Southampton

Favourite Player – Jack Wilshere

Rival Club – Any club with Albion in their club

Favourite Moment in Football – Sepp Blatter's sixth term as FIFA President

Away from Football 

Favourite Band – Daphne and Celeste

Favourite Song – "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry

Favourite Film – The 1964 classic "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians"

Favourite Cartoon Growing Up - The Oogieloves

Favourite Youtuber – stampylonghead, love that Cat

Peter Prickett

Joined the Show - July 2016

Appears on -  The V2 Academy

Twitter - 

Blog - http://www.pger.net/football/

Supports – Liverpool

Favourite Player – Jari Litmanen

Rival Club – I don't see the game that way

Favourite Moment in Football – Watching the worst player in my squad become the best player in my squad

Away from Football 

Favourite Band – The Jam

Favourite Song – Groove Is In The Heart

Favourite Film – Singing In The Rain

Favourite Cartoon Growing Up - Transfomers

Joined the Show - Since Birth 

Appears on - Ash&Al Premier League Podcast 

Twitter - @alexanderslobom 

Supports – Middlesbrough F.C. 

Favourite Player – Ally McCoist 

Rival Club – The Fucking Scum 

Favourite Moment in Football – Cameroon vs England World Cup Italia 90 

Away from Football 

Favourite Band – Ocean Colour Scene 

Favourite Song – Driving With The Breaks On- Del Amitri. 

Favourite Film – The Crow 

Favourite Cartoon Growing Up - Bucky O'Hare 

Favourite Youtuber – Screen Junkies, Smack Talk, Vegan Recipe Channel and Jamie Oliver